Yes. We receive an advice fee of $2.50 per $1,000 invested*. Providers pay us directly in quarterly installments. In finance speak, our fee is 25 basis points (0.25%) per year. We receive this directly from the KiwiSaver Providers we work with. Here are some examples.

KiwiSaver Balance

BetterSaver Fee Per Annum











This doesn’t mean our customers are paying more fees; many providers have an advice fee built into their fee structure. When Kiwis sign up directly with a provider, the provider still charges the fee and keeps it for themselves. When Kiwis sign up with us, we get it.

We receive the same fee from each provider, so there’s no incentive for us to place customers with one or the other.

Financial advice can be expensive, but we think everyone should have a chance at a better financial future. We keep our fees low and run our platform online to make our advice accessible to as many Kiwis as we can.

* There's one small exception, Milford - they will only pay us 0.20% instead of 0.25% so we end up taking an extra 0.05% (i.e. 50c per $1000) from your KiwiSaver balance annually, just so that we're being fair and consistent with the amount we take, but we make this very clear and factor it in when giving a recommendation.

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