There is no best time to switch your KiwiSaver fund. As always, we recommend getting personalised financial advice. But there are a few rules of thumb we're happy to share!

  1. Your KiwiSaver fund should be chosen based on your goals, like buying a house or retirement. If you're planning to buy a house within the next few years, a balanced or conservative fund might be a good fit. Or if you're planning to retire in 50 years, a growth fund might be a better fit.

  2. When the market dips, it's generally not a great time to move from a more aggressive fund to a more conservative fund. This is because you're locking in the losses caused by the market dip, instead of waiting for the stock market to bounce back up. So far, history has shown it always pops back up eventually!

There are heaps of other factors to consider, but we hope this helps.

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