Your KiwiSaver provider charges fees for investing your money.


There are a few main types of fees your KiwiSaver fund is subject to:

  1. Membership or Administration Fees (a fixed dollar amount per annum).

  2. Asset-based Fees (percentage of your total KiwiSaver funds invested).

Within these categories there are several sub-categories. Overall, what matters is whether you're getting value for money for the fees you're paying.

Fees can change any time and can vary from provider to provider in terms of amount and structure.

"I've been told funds with lower fees are always better!"

Paying very low or very high fees doesn't necessarily mean your KiwiSaver fund is better off. We think it's important to look at the whole picture and match you to a fund that aligns wtih not only your fee expectations, but your goals, ethics and risk tolerance too!

When you complete our quiz, you'll see the fees for each KiwiSaver fund recommended and how they compare to the market average. Any time we show figures for fund returns, they'll already have fees deducted, to make it easier to compare funds' returns.

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