Technically no, but we've got the vast majority of them covered off!

We analyse 240+ KiwiSaver funds before we make our recommendations. We use Morningstar and Disclose Register data to find funds that have consistent returns, low volatility, fair fees and consider ethics in the defensive, conservative, balanced, growth and aggressive categories.

And why don't we include all KiwiSaver Funds? For a start, some don't want to share their data with our independent data provider Morningstar, such as NZ Funds. We also don't include KiwiSaver schemes that are closed to the public like the Defence Force KiwiSaver Scheme, since they're not available to the average Kiwi.

Another thing to note is that if you do our Fund Finder Quiz you won't be recommended a defensive fund, aggressive fund or any KiwiSaver fund that's been around for less than 3 years*. That's not because we don't analyse them, it's because they'll only be suitable for a small number of people or we just don't have enough information to be comfortable recommending them to a wide range of people yet. But never fear, our Advisers can help if you're interested in one of these funds :)

If you'd like to know more about our analysis process, you can check out our White Paper. Or if you'd like more information about a specific provider, let us know!

* In some cases, we might show data or recommendations for funds that haven't quite been around for long enough to meet our criteria (e.g Pathfinder), but we'll show a clear disclaimer and an explanation for why.

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