There's a few reasons you might prefer to go through BetterSaver.

The first is that we look at all providers and compare their fees, returns and ethics for you, and match you up to one suitable for you. No more wading through oodles of confusing marketing from KiwiSaver providers all claiming to be 'the best'.

We also make it super easy to choose and switch. Just take the quiz, confirm the fund you want and hit 'switch'!

Getting financial advice from a company like BetterSaver can have a huge impact on your KiwiSaver fund and otherwise. Let's dive into the data.

Financial Services Council research indicates that Kiwis who receive financial advice are better off in a multitude of ways:

  1. 4% increased returns on average

  2. 52% higher KiwiSaver balances on average

  3. Advised clients are more generally wealthy

  4. They save 3.7% more of their income

  5. They travel six times more per decade

  6. They report higher overall well-being

Overall well-being includes physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. In fact, 46% of Kiwis say finances have affected their mental health and 70% are worried they won’t have enough saved for retirement.

The financial advantages of receiving financial advice really add up over time. Let’s use KiwiSaver as an example, and compare an unadvised Kiwi to an advised Kiwi using the average financial difference of 4% return from the Financial Services Council Research.

We’ll assume that they both start off with $10,000 in their KiwiSaver at Year 0. Also, we’ll assume a $2,000 total contribution (employee, employer and government) and a 6% return each year for the unadvised Kiwi. That means our advised counterpart will contribute $2,074 per year with an average 10% return based on the calculations below.

Unadvised Kiwi Annual Contribution

Increase for Advised Kiwi

Advised Kiwi Annual Contribution






Unadvised Kiwi Annual Average Return

Increase for Advised Kiwi

Advised Kiwi Annual Contribution






Let’s check out the projected numbers.


Unadvised KiwiSaver Balance ($2,000 contribution, 6% return per annum)

Advised KiwiSaver Balance ($2,074 contribution, 10% return per annum)


Year 0




Year 1




Year 5




Year 10




Year 20




Year 50




So, getting financial advice might literally be a million dollar decision. With the magic of compound interest, small differences snowball into big differences over time.

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