When you complete our ethical preference quiz, we ask you about tobacco, adult entertainment, controversial weapons, nuclear power, civilian weapons, gambling, alcohol and animal testing. Then we show you a better fund based on your response.

There is currently no evidence that any KiwiSaver providers have any exposure to the adult entertainment industry. We'll let our customers know if this changes.

However, things get a little more complex when you look at the data. If a company generates less than 50% of its revenue from the production or distribution of adult entertainment products or services then it may not be classified as being involved in adult entertainment activities. This doesn't mean that your KiwiSaver fund is invested the adult entertainment industry, but it means that you can't be 100% certain that it isn't.

We're working with data providers to advocate for better data and greater transparency so that you can invest with confidence, knowing exactly where your money is invested.

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