At BetterSaver we don’t take a particular stance on ethical issues. Instead, we listen to the voices that really matter: everyday New Zealanders. When you complete our ethical preference quiz, we use your responses to show you a better fund based on your ethical response.

We identified eight ethical issues many Kiwis care about:

  • Adult Entertainment

  • Alcohol

  • Animal Testing

  • Controversial Weapons

  • Gambling

  • Nuclear Power

  • Tobacco

  • Small Arms

Many KiwiSaver funds have some exposure to the controversial weapons industry directly or indirectly, including some of the funds we recommend. This level of exposure may change as your KiwiSaver provider makes investment decisions on your behalf. We indicate the level of exposure for your recommended fund before you make the switch so you can make an informed decision.

BetterSaver ranks exposure to ethical issues based on the latest available Morningstar data. We believe updating our analysis on a quarterly basis is sufficient to accurately reflect market changes.

We rate KiwiSaver funds as having no, low, medium, or high exposure to ethical issues based on the peers in their category at the time of analysis.

We're working with third party data providers to advocate for better data and greater transparency so that you can invest with confidence, knowing exactly where your money is invested.

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